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Netease Sports reported on October 5:


Today, the finals continue, in the G3 clash, the Heat won 115-104.


The reason why the Heat have performed amazingly in the playoffs this season is not unrelated to the brilliance of some of the role players in the team, including Herro. In the previous rounds of the series, his outside firepower gave the Heat a great support, averaging close to 2.5 three-pointers per game, especially in the Eastern Conference finals, he averaged 19.2 points per game, which is for a rookie. It's quite rare.


In the first two games of the finals, Herro basically gave the same data as before, but considering that the Heat have too many injuries, all players need to have a better outbreak, otherwise it will be difficult to match.


In the face of today's undefeated G3, the Heat still have a lot of opportunities for offense. After all, the Lakers made a lot of turnovers today, but Herro was in poor condition. All shots in the first quarter were shot and many opportunities were wasted. It was easy to get a chance to hit the basket, but he was chased by LeBron behind him, intercepted directly in the air, and was severely knocked to the ground! Maybe it was because I didn't feel much face, or I felt that LeBron made too heavy a move this time. After getting up, Herro still had some conflicts with Morris of the Lakers. He pushed the opponent away unhappily, but fortunately, he did not upgrade.


After suffocating, Herro also looked for opportunities to find face on LeBron. When LeBron attacked, Herro used his own defense to undermine his intentions, and it was still a shame.


The Heat did give Hero a lot of trust today. He took 8 shots in the first half, including 6 in the first quarter, which was the highest number of all Heat players in the first quarter.


But Herro needs to turn this trust into a contribution on the court. His performance of 1 in 8 in the first half obviously failed. In the second half, the victory or defeat is still difficult to say, but the good news is that Hero's state has improved. He started to shine on the offensive end. He also assisted his teammates dunks and scored 3 points from the outside. The Heat situation is in a good situation.


Immediately after that, he made another shot from the outside. Although he threw a three-pointer, he quickly seized the opportunity to get a quick break.


At the moment when the two sides compete in the final quarter, Herro finally scored 3 points! As the game progressed, the Heat stopped the Lakers’ counterattacks several times. Perhaps victory was imminent, and Herro’s self-confidence also rose. In the last minute, when he completed a wave of 2+1, he also picked up the corner of his mouth. There was an arrogant expression of disdain. In the end, the Heat won the victory and avoided a 0-3 lagging situation.

在双方在最后一个季度进行比赛的那一刻,赫罗终于获得了3分!随着比赛的进行,热火多次阻止了湖人的反攻。也许胜利即将来临,赫罗的自信心也随之增强。在最后一分钟,当他完成2 + 1波浪时,他也拾起了嘴角。有一种傲慢的表示不屑。最终,热火赢得了胜利,避免了0-3的落后局面。

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